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An interactive employment network.

A comprehensive career portal and a networking tool.

MyMapPlan provides job seekers and employers with a safe place to connect without the need to build relationships.

Vetting at the speed of business.

We vet every employer through collaborative partnership agreements.

Employee vetting services can be a critical component of efforts. When hiring someone for any role. The need for due diligence is even greater.

Who do we offer our services to?

Apprenticeship/Pre-apprenticeship programs - Employment Skills Training (EST) or on the job training (OJT) - Internships - Job Shadowing

  • Military Personnel
  • Military Spouses
  • Military Veterans
  • Employers and Recruites
Career Skills Program Overview
Auto Body Technician

A skilled auto body technician can wipe away the visual reminder of a fender bender.

Information Technology

They troubleshoot problems, provide routine maintenance and help employees resolve technical roadblocks.


A logistician manages the supply of products or people and balances it with customer need.

Wind Turbine Technician

Installs, inspects, maintains and repairs wind turbines that generate electricity.

Architectural Drafter

Create drawings for buildings or structures, but there are also civil, aeronautical and mechanical drafters.

Broadcast Engineer

Maintain and operate the specialised equipment that controls the transmission and quality of media.

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